Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms aka Eternal Love

Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms aka Eternal Love tell as a story about a love that spans many lifetimes and thousands of year.

This is an epic love story of gods and goddess, placed in a mystical world where there are mythical creatures and the world divided into many different worlds, being the celestial heaven, a place called Qing Chiu which is kingdom ruled by the Nine-tailed fox family.

The mortal world where the mortals live, the underworld ruled by another royal family.

300 years ago, Bai Qian went down to the mortal realm to undergo a trial. She married Ye Hua, who was also the Crown Prince of Heaven and gave birth to their child, A Li.

Misunderstandings occur and Bai Qian lost her eyes to her husband’s scheming consort, Su Jin. Devastated, she committed suicide.

She returned to her immortal self but lost all her memories. Back in the present, Ye Hua meets Bai Qian and realizes she was his mortal wife.

The drama based on a famous novel which there is word that the story is very similar to another previous novel.I believe that the novel this drama faithfully adapted from, is in many ways different from the previous novel.

Different enough to not be called a plagiarised novel.

The acting is top notch and the costumes are very pretty. Although this is a very long drama that covers more than 50 episodes, it worth watching.I think this drama is one of a kind drama in a Chinese dramascape where palace dramas, war dramas are common.

The genre Xian Xia which means Gods chivalry ( I think) basically its about celestial beings and about heroic acts. I might not be fully correct but that’s the gist.
Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms story is brilliant in itself and I am honestly sure it did the book justice.

I think if you’re watching this without reading the book beforehand, you would love the show a lot more because you’re watching without expectations plus either way, Eternal Love will blow you away (even if you’re not a fantasy/xianxia/historical genre kind of person) Also, If you like The Journey of Flower, you will love this without a doubt.
I highly recommend watching this drama to everyone.



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  1. Montana says:

    This is another drama which is better than what I expected. I’m watched this drama. It’s a mixture of romance, fantasy, and action. If you watch this, you will be hooked up because of its amazing story and at the same time will be fascinated with the action scenes. There’s a bit of political struggle too but all in all you will really enjoy this series.

  1. 11 June 2018


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