New BL Dramas List  – October

New BL Dramas List

Hello friends. I’m going to share the new BL dramas I just discovered.

I hope you will like it.

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Boys Love Drama

1) A Guy Like You  BL

Creator : Waje

Genre : BL

In this drama we find the story of Go Siwon and Kang Jinha.

These two are students at the graphic design university. Go Siwon after completing his military service he returned to the studies and now is in the second year of study.

Go Siwon has a problem in the fact that his dreams are haunted byKang Jinha. Kang Jinha is a very popular student in university, very smart and beautiful .In his dream Siwon is accused by Kang Jinha that he would be the reason why Kang is so. Dar Go Siwon does not understand any of these dreams. Where did he meet Kang in the past? What kind of incident is he talking about? Go Siown does not remember anything. But during the story, Go Siown will regain his memory bit by bit and then we will see how the relationship of the two colleagues will change.


Heesu in Class 2

BL drama

Creator : Lily

Genre : BL

In the second BL manga I will present is the story of a young man (Heesu) who identifies himself as being only Chanyoung’s friend. Since Heesu was 9 years old is Chanyoung friend of , and since then he has listened to his problems. Heesu always encouraged his friend in relationships with the girls. Everything seemed like this would go on until one day when Heesu will come to the attention of all his colleagues. It seems Heesu has become an expert in relationships.


Can’t Take My Eyes Off You!
Boys love

Creator : Team Manna

Genre : BL

Taeho is a young man who, in his desire to be independent, has left his parents and moved himself. But unfortunately he has serious financial problems, not even the rent of the studio apartment he lives in can not pay.

Although he does not have the money to buy food, does not dare to ask for help from parents.

But it seems that fate will change.

One day a Taeho friend calls him  and offers a job interview.

Taeho’s new job is to be driver of Wooyeon’s a well-known actor.

It seems like Wooyeon has a problem by administering the fans’ interest. Everyone loves Wooyeon. The only thing that seems to be indifferent is Taeho.

You can find all these stories in Lezhin.

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