Love for a Thousand-Year Slacker

Love for a Thousand Yaoi Fantasy

Love for a Thousand-Year Slacker

Japanese : Koi Seyo Sen-nen Neet

Author : Zakuro Mizuhara

Hitachi Hayato is a 25-year-old who works for a company, but unhappy with his life. What Hitachi most hates is job that he has it. Going every day his job  become a torture for Hitachi.

On his day off, Hitachi strolls along the seafront wondering what to do:

Going home and sleeping or spending his day walking alone? While Hitachi thought sadly about the day ahead, he taken by a wave of the sea and almost drowned.

Even on the verge of dying the only thing that Hitachi thought was that he would not have to go to work the next day. When it was about to drown Hitachi will be saved by by Urashima Tarou and led to Dragon Underwater King.

Urashima Tarou is a fairy-tale hero who has lived for thousands of years as Princess Otohime’s lover, a goddess and daughter of Dragon King.

When Hitachi arrives at the Dragon Palace, he is in a state between life and death, Otohime puts him to choose between life and death. Although Hitachi worried about his professional life, he does not choose to die and he wants to returns to earth.

The goddess Otohime proposes to Hitachi to take Urashima back and help him understand the life on earth. In turn, the princess will help Hitachi find a much better job.

Of course Hitachi accepts this proposal, only that Urashima does not want to leave the goddess.

If Hitachi succeeds in persuading Urashima Tarou to come back with him, we will discover this in the continuation of the story.

Yaoi manga –

Love for a Thousand

This manga is a fairly good story in which fairy tale characters and ‘real’ characters  blended.
Art is pretty good, a fairly original story, so I think it deserves a chance to be read.

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