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Anime a popular roman in Japan and perhaps the most followed category of anime is Yaoi anime.
This manga written by women for describing homosexual relationships between men.

Yaoi, audio or visual work,about a romance or sexual relationship between two or more males.This kind a story primarily intended for a female audience.

Yaoi anime, one of the categories included in BL category (boys love). Another category included in BL is Shounen Ai.

The narrative of the Shounen Ai category  based on the emotional aspects of the relationship .
While the stories in the Yaoi category explicitly describes the sexual relationships between the protagonists.
Much of the Yaoi characters are actually men in relationships with men attributed female attitudes and women’s social roles.
Yaoi basically a romantic story, but instead of the usual scenario(boys and girls),here are only boys, and many sexual scenes.

Yaoi a subgenre of Boy’s Love (also called BL) that focuses very heavily on erotic and pornographic scenes, more so than any other part of the story elements.

New Manga Yaoi List

Manga -Yaoi New Manga Yaoi List Lodgings and Lovesickness Japanese :Magari no Otoko to Koi Wazurai Author : Douyama Ryota is a college student who, to spend her vacation, decides to go to...

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Yaoi Voice

Yaoi Voice

Love for a Thousand-Year Slacker

Love for a Thousand Yaoi Fantasy Love for a Thousand-Year Slacker Japanese : Koi Seyo Sen-nen Neet Author : Zakuro Mizuhara Hitachi Hayato is a 25-year-old who works for a company, but unhappy...

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