BL( Boys Love ) Manga

Boys Love Manga

BL( Boys Love ) Manga – Here’s some new manga with BL theme.

Bl is the story of relationships between two or more men.

A part of Bl manga is also called yaoi manga and in these stories are described the love stories and sexual relations between men with men.

1) A Hole in the Wall

Japanese :Kabe ni Ana Ari Futago de Cherry

Author : Yun Kinoko

Yuji Kuga, a boy suffering from Anthropofobi, for which reason he is isolated from people. Because of what happened in his youth, Yuji got this phobia and the only people he has contact with are only Leo, the childhood friend and his twin brother, Reiji .

Because of this disease, Yuji had no experience with women.

Yuji’s attempt to treat this phobia was in vain to the night he went to Reiji’s bar. In this strange place, male customers serve their customers by offering their lower body through a hole in the wall.

To his surprise, Yuji is not bothered to be touched by others at that hole in the wall and even likes it.

It seems that Yuji has found a way to treat her phobia.

BL Story

2)Our Adorable Asahi

Japanese :Bokura no Kawaii Asahi-Kun

Author : Yuumi Imai

Asahi is a pop idol that has been left without work. The agency with which Asahi was working went bankrupt and the contract they had with Asahi was over.

While the pop idol wanders on the streets trying to find a solution to overcome this disaster he meets Akiomi Satake.

Akiomi is a veteran actor who invites Asahi to live with him until solve his problems.

Asahi begins to live with Akiomi but to his great astonishment he notices that another boy lives in Akiomi’s house: Hayato

Hayato is a handsome college student who has a relationship with Akiomi. After these three men begin to live together, they begin a special relationship.

This manga is based on the story of a relationship between three men but at the same time shows a lot of interesting details behind the scene about the entertainment industry.

BL Manga

3) Be My Baby

Japanese :Be My Baby

Author : Moto Haruyama

A love story between two friends from childhood

Asahi Kushima, a popular faculty student with a very active social life. While Kota Yamada is studious high school student.

The two friends will develop the friendship they have had since childhood in a love affair.

This manga shows how the relationship between the two will develop, going over the age difference.But it seems that the relationship between the two will become complicated by another colleague: Niijima

4) Devilish Voice

Japanese :Koakuma Voice

Author : Chidori Sakuraba

A story between two voice actors.

Norihisa, the most popular up-and-coming voice actor for his new role, will begin working with Wataru, also a voice actor who always trying to tease Norihisa.

Norihisa tries to confront Wataru’s attempts to refine his devil charms for a new role he has.

The two enjoy together their sweet life, quarrels and everything. But one day Norihisa suddenly starts to avoid Wataru.

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