New Manga Yaoi List

Manga -Yaoi New Manga Yaoi List Lodgings and Lovesickness Japanese :Magari no Otoko to Koi Wazurai Author : Douyama Ryota is a college student who, to spend her vacation, decides to go to his parents' house in the countryside. But when Ryota gets to the house, he is amazed to find that … Continue reading

Yaoi Love Manga

Yaoi Love Yaoi Love Manga Tender Love for an Emotionless Robot Japanese :Torokeru Chouai Celluloid Author : Suji This is a yaoi love story! Togo Shiranami called by his colleagues at work: "emotionless robot." Togo is also unable to show emotions because of its lack of communication has put … Continue reading

BL( Boys Love ) Manga

Boys Love Manga BL( Boys Love ) Manga - Here's some new manga with BL theme. Bl is the story of relationships between two or more men. A part of Bl manga is also called yaoi manga and in these stories are described the love stories and sexual relations between men with … Continue reading

November New Yaoi

New Yaoi November New Yaoi - In this writing I will present four new yaoi manga that were published in November 1)Too Bad... It's Your Fate! Japanese :Zannen Datta na Unmei da Author : Tsuna Azumi The story of an heir to a business empire and a nightclub host . Yuto Izumi is a … Continue reading